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Wine Spectator Award Winner! - The Pearl Room won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence twelve consecutive years (2004-2015). It’s the most awarded restaurant in Brooklyn with magazines and newspapers often recognizing its culinary excellence. Come visit our special martini bar to experience first hand

The Executive Chef - Chef Anthony Rinaldi’s culinary odyssey began the day he decided to leave the mean streets of his youth in Brooklyn and make his way into the temples of Manhattan's fine dining. Maintaining a daunting seven-day-a-week schedule that he still holds

2015 Michelin Award Winner! - With its jumbo garden and bright, sun-streaked dining room, this Brooklyn steady is a solid choice year-round. Most days, you'll catch a glimpse of the charming Executuve Chef Anthony Rinaldi floating around, working his magic back in the kitchen and out

New York Magazine - Fine diners, don't be deterred by this unassuming corner restaurant's front bar, where clusters of fans bark at TV sports. Venture on—first into a casual dining room, where the tall seat backs of three romantic booths resemble cresting waves, and

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